About Ocala Road Investments

I’m Ray Seaman, the President of Ocala Road Investments. I started Ocala Road here in Tallahassee, Florida as a real estate investing company focused on both land and investment properties. It’s my mission to ensure real estate investing is done right, and that means a win-win for everyone involved.

What we do: land

I love helping land owners sell their unwanted parcel(s) and then help buyers find what they’re looking for: whether it’s for the perfect camping spot, a future retirement/vacation home site, or simply a long term investment.

What we do: investment properties

At Ocala Road, I buy single family and multifamily properties in several key neighborhoods in Tallahassee. I buy properties primarily using the BRRRR method:

  • Buy: I purchase a property that’s below market value. This can be due to any number of reasons. The property could be underperforming or in need of rehabbing due to deferred maintenance. The current owner may be facing foreclosure or have inherited a property they don’t want. The seller may simply be a landlord who’s looking to retire. The list goes on.
  • Rehab: Once a property is purchased I complete any repairs and rehabbing that needs to be done in order for the property to become “rent ready.” I work closely with my excellent property management team to estimate rehab costs prior to purchasing and work with them along with a network of contractors to complete the rehab itself.
  • Rent: Once the rehab is completed on a property, it is rented out to a good tenant with a written annual lease. This work is also done through my property management team.
  • Refinance: After a tenant is in place, I work with a community bank to refinance the property and recover the capital used to buy and rehab the property.
  • Repeat: Once the refinance is completed, I’m able to re-use my original capital on the next project.

Guiding philosophy

I believe good real estate investing means creating win-win scenarios for everyone involved.

In purchasing a property, the deal should help the seller, helping them out of a property they no longer want for whatever reason.

In selling or leasing a property, it must help the buyer or tenant solve a problem they have, whether it’s a piece of land they’ve long needed for camping, or a new home that’s closer to work or for their expanding family.

This is what I think real estate investing should be all about, and that’s my mission here at Ocala Road Investments.

I’m here to help

If you’ve got questions about Ocala Road Investments, are interested in selling your land, home, or investment property, or simply want to talk about real estate investing in general, feel free to contact me.